TransMagic R12 Release Notes


TransMagic R12 Version R12.01.200

 New Supported Formats:

  • 3DXML Read and Write has been added to EXPERT, PRO and SUPERVIEW. Supports graphical PMI (turn on edges).

  • WebGL (HTML extension) has been added as a VisRep (visualization model – not CAD) format that is viewable in any HTML5 browser - no “viewer” necessary!

  • Hybrid CATIA files – TransMagic now automatically detects files that have both VisRep and BREP data. You have the option to open the file as BREP or VisRep geometry.

  • CGR files are now supported for both Read and Write.

 New format version support & functionality

  • Upgraded to Parasolid 28.0

  • Upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2016
  • Upgraded to Inventor 2016

  • TransMagic now supports external referenced parts in a STEP assembly file

  • TransMagic can now embed any kind of file into the 3D PDF format for Product Data Packages.

  • TransMagic now supports proper assembly structure, part names, transparency, and PMI fonts in the 3D PDF format.

  • The View Browser and PMI View Browser can output to .xlsx, HTML and 3D PDF.

 Assembly Restructuring

  • From the assembly browser in TransMagic, you can remove parts from assemblies, add parts to assemblies and form new subassemblies.

  • TransMagic recognizes “Instanced” or patterned parts, which can be converted into discrete components or subassemblies.


  • The TransMagic PMI View Browser now supports scene “Captures”, to view and save PMI section views, break-outs, and close-up views.

  • PMI captures and saved views can be output to 2D PDF, 3D PDF or .xlsx, or sent to the View Browser.

  • TransMagic supports JT PMI read/write.

General Product Enhancements

  • Views with cutting planes (Section Planes) can be saved to the View Browser.

  • TransMagic now starts up in local language of user PC setting.

    • R12 supports English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Japanese & Chinese

    • Japanese, Korean and Chinese language versions are new / enhanced

  • Certified for Windows 10

 TechDocs (Preview Technology)

  • Save CAD data including 3D VisRep, company, file and part information out to 3D PDF.

  • Optionally attach CAD or other external attachments to 3D PDF file for easy transport of related project data.


  • Part-to-Part for Validation and Revision Comparison

    • Added new side-by-side comparison mode, to display Source and Target models in separate windows.

  • 3D PDF Output

    • MagicCheck comparison, quality or validation reports can now output to 3D PDF, for enhanced visibility, in addition to .xlsx and .html output.


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