Choosing Your Selection Mode

Choosing Your Selection Mode

At first glance, it looks as if there are only four options for selecting geometry in TransMagic - Single Select, denoted by an arrow, Window Select, denoted by a rectangle, Select All Entities and Deselect All Entities. However, there is a drop down arrow to the right of the top two buttons, which allows you to filter out entities (see the screenshot above). Selection filters can be applied in the following ways.

  • Dynamic Selection
  • Assembly Level Selection
  • Body Level Selection
  • Face Level Selection
  • Edge Level Selection
  • Vertex Level Selection
  • PMI Level Selection
  • Select Only Solid Bodies
  • Select Only Surface Bodies
  • Select Only Wire Bodies

When to use what?

In this post we will just cover three modes - Dynamic Selection, Body Selection and Face Selection, as they are perhaps the most commonly used options.

Dynamic Selection

Dynamic Selection is the default; in this mode, if the Single Arrow Select is active, you can click on any model and your first click will select a face; if you click again, you'll get a solid body or a part, depending on if you are in a monolithic assembly, or a true assembly. Clicking again will select the entire assembly, or sub assembly, whichever is smaller - and you can keep on climbing the tree to the master level assembly, assuming you have an assembly file open.

Body Selection

Body Selection will select the entire solid body or part - this can be a good way to select and repair specific bodies, or select and hide or delete bodies when wrestling with a massive file.

Face Selection using Single Selection arrow

Sometimes when performing repairs on surfaces you'll see a face that is simply too damaged to repair, and it needs to be deleted - going into Single Select Face mode will allow you to click on that face and delete it, or 'replace' it if you have access to MagicHeal tools.

Face Selection using Window Selection

You can also window a group of faces to select them; simply press-drag-release the left mouse button and all faces that fall within that window, or cross that window, will be selected (See figures 1 & 2).

TransMagic window selection mode
Figure 1 – Anything that is within or which crosses the window will be selected.
TransMagic window selection mode result
Figure 2 – Selected faces are highlighted yellow.

Ignoring Back Faces

If you need to select several faces, but do not want to accidentally select faces on the 'backside' of the part, you can hold down the control key while dragging the window selection.

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