When I read a file into TransMagic, the progress meter runs to 100%, disappears, and then crashes. What is happening?

This is a known issue with TransMagic R7 and will be resolved with TransMagic R8. However, the issue is related to a graphics card driver and the work-around is very simple:

    • Start TransMagic
    • Click File->Settings, the “Appearance” page will be the default.
    • Find the section labeled “Rendering Options” and switch your “Driver” pull-down from “OpenGL” to “Direct3D”:Change OpenGL to Direct3D


  • Click “OK” and then “OK” again.
  • You might also want to shut-down and re-start TransMagic to make sure the settings get saved to the Windows Registry.
  • Now re-load the file that caused the crash before.