The new TransMagic installer still detects a previous version. How can I remove this previous version?

There are a few reasons that older versions still show up even though they've been removed.  However, the end result is always the same: They need to be removed manually.  Follow these steps to remove the older version of TransMagic from your system:

1) First make sure you've tried to remove the older TransMagic version via the Add/Remove Programs Group.
2) Start a copy of Windows Explorer and navigate to "C:\Program Files", locate and delete the "TransMagic Inc" directory.
3) In Windows go to Start->Run for XP or for Vista click the Windows Key+R and enter "regedit".  Click "OK".  This will bring up the Windows Registry Editor.
4) In the Windows Registry Editor navigate to the following registry key:


5) Each version of TransMagic has an uninstall "Key" and sometimes this Key fails to get removed, this is why the newer installer is falsely detecting the older version even though it has been removed.  Each version of TransMagic has it's own unique Key.  Below is a list of all previous versions of TransMagic.  You will need to find your version and then search for that Key.  Many versions list multiple Keys but typically only one of these will exist and it we've listed them in order of most likely to least likely.  Here are the Install Keys of all previous versions of TransMagic:

TransMagic R7 sp2 Series Keys

TransMagic R7 sp1 Series Keys

TransMagic R7 sp0 Series Keys

TransMagic 2006 sp1.0 Series Keys

TransMagic 2006 sp0.2 Series Keys

TransMagic 2006 sp0.1 Series Keys

TransMagic 2006 sp0.0 Series Keys

TransMagic 2005 sp5 Series Keys

TransMagic 2005 sp4 Series Keys

TransMagic 2005 sp3 Series Keys

TransMagic 2005 sp2 Series Keys

TransMagic 4.X, 3.X & 2.X Series Keys do not apply as they were not using the same type of installer.

6) You may now close the Registry Editor and install the new version of TransMagic.