How do I migrate my TransMagic Workgroup (network) license from an earlier version to a new version without disrupting my users?

The TransMagic Workgroup Administrator will allow you to add your new TransMagic license while continuing to serve the existing TransMagic license that your user’s are currently using.  (For Windows 7 or 8, right-click the TransMagic Workgroup Administrator and select "Run as Administrator".) Follow these instructions:

  • We’re going to manually add the new TransMagic license to the server.  So start the TransMagic Workgroup Administrator that you’re currently running on the server.
  • Click the “Register Products” icon:   and this will launch the “Register Products” dialog:
  • You will want to enter the Product Name / Product ID combination for the product that you want to license.  Here is a list of some current TransMagic products at the time of this writing.  If the product you wish to license is not in this list please send and e-mail to TransMagic Support requesting the Product Name / Product ID combination you wish to license:
    • TransMagic R10 sp0-sp1 / 5375-8851-2229-7643-5723
    • TransMagic R9 sp0-sp2 / 5367-8791-2129-7642-5710
    • TransMagic R8 sp5 / 5370-8811-2329-7643-5723
    • TransMagic R8 sp4 / 5379-8811-2329-7643-5722
    • TransMagic R8 sp0-sp3 / 5375-8851-2229-7643-5723
    • TM Batch R8 sp5 / 5366-8721-2029-7642-5713
    • TM Batch R8 sp0-sp4 / 5368-8721-2429-7642-5711
    • TransMagic R7 sp2 / 5360-8721-2429-7642-5713
    • TransMagic Batch R7 sp2 / 5369-8721-2429-7642-5712
    • TransMagic R7 sp1 / 5371-8891-2229-7643-5723
    • TransMagic Batch R7 sp1 / 5372-8891-2229-7643-5724
    • TransMagic R7 sp0 / 5370-8821-2129-7643-5726
    • TransMagic Batch R7 sp0 / 5366-8751-2129-7642-5715
  • Enter the Product Name / Product ID combination you wish to license into the Register Products dialog and click the “License” button:
  •  This will launch the “License Product” dialog:
  • Copy the “Reference Code” from the License Product dialog and submit it to TransMagic in the usual way to obtain your License Key.  Once you receive your License Key enter it into the appropriate field and click “Save”.
  • Your TM Workgroup Administrator is now serving up both licenses for your old version of TransMagic and your new version of TransMagic.  You can now migrate your users to the new version of TransMagic at your leisure without disrupting their workflow.