The first step is to output a .tif image from TransMagic. This can be done from using "File->Save As" within the GUI, from TransMagic Batch or TM Command.

Next you will need conversion software, this method is different depending on your level of process integration/automation.

    • Manual Conversion:There are many image editors that can work to do this conversion, and they all give you additional functionality to do many other image manipulation tasks like crop and re-size. Here is a list of free applications that have work very well for these types of conversions:
      1. Windows 7 version of Microsoft Paint
      2. Gimp image editor:
    • Automated Conversion:Most modern programming languages contain image conversion utilities, either built in or through third party libraries.
      1. Java has conversion built right in, just a few lines of code and you are done. Here is a sample:
        public static void main(final String[] args) throws Exception{
        final BufferedImage tif = File("V4Sample03.tif"));
        ImageIO.write(tif, "png", new File("V4Sample03.png"));


    1. Php, .Net, Python, Perl and others will require a third party image tool. Image Magick, no relation to TransMagic (we spell correctly :-), is a free toolkit to do these conversions that I have used, and it works very well. See their web site form more information