Can I move my license of TransMagic to another machine?

Yes.  Today there is a process involved.  In the future we intend to automate this process; however, it can certainly be done. 

Before this can be done please understand the following:

  1. The version of TransMagic must be the same on both machines.
  2. The TransMagic License is based on a machine signature, called the “Reference Code”.  This Reference Code is unique to every machine and can change for a variety of reasons – it is not always static.
  3. This exchange is not facilitated via a dongle, it is a software based license and as such you will need access to both machines during this process.

With that said, here is how to move your TransMagic License from Machine “A” (moving from) to Machine “B” (moving to):

  • Launch TransMagic on Machine B.  You should see the “Register TransMagic” Dialog:

Register TransMagic Dialog

  • Click “Register”, this will launch the “License Key” dialog:

License Key Dialog

  • Copy the “Reference Code” from this dialog.  You will need this information to move the License from Machine A.  Don’t close this dialog.
  • On Machine A, Click here to download or run the TMNetAdmin.exe application.
  • Once the TMNetAdmin application (also called the “Sheriff Administrator”) is running, click License->Move.
  • Select your product in the “Product Name:” Window, then click the “Move” button.
  • This will launch the “Move License” Dialog:

Move License Dialog

  • Here is where you’ll paste your Reference Code from Machine B (step 3). 
  • Click the “Generate” button.  This will simultaneously remove the license from Machine A and generate the license for Machine B.
  • Copy the “License Key” as this will be needed for Machine B.  Do not lose this key.
  • On Machine B, the “License Key” dialog will still be open. 
  • Paste the License Key into the “License Key” box and click “OK”. 
  • The TransMagic License has now been moved from Machine A to Machine B.  Repeat these steps to move the license to other machines or back to Machine A.