I started TransMagic and now I need a new License Key, why?

The TransMagic License Key combination is based on a "machine signature". This machine signature is called the "Reference Code" and it is unique to each machine. The following things can cause an existing TransMagic License Key to become invalid and require a new one:

  • PC crash 
  • BIOS change 
  • New hard drive
  • New motherboard 
  • New network card
  • TransMagic is improperly shut down
    • The most common cause here is when the computer is forced into a "hard shut-down" (holding down the power button until it turns off) while TransMagic is running.
  • TransMagic is installed on a different computer 
    • Each machine is unique and requires a unique Reference Code/License Key combination.
  • TransMagic License Key expires 
  • TransMagic software upgrade 

Any of these situations will deactivate the current License Key. A new License Key based on the new Reference Code will be needed to re-activate TransMagic. Please send new Reference Codes to