Why do I need the IP address for a server when attempting to activate a stand-alone installation?

It appears you have selected the "Netwrok" option when installing TransMagic.  However, for the eva;uation you would need to select the default "Node-Lock" (Stand-Alone) version.  You can correct this in the following two ways:

1.) If you are comfortable editing the registry you can navigate to this value in the registry:

32-bit PC:


64-bit PC:



Then change the "Network" value from "true" to "false."


2.) Unistall TransMagic R8 and re-install it - this time selecting the default "Node-Lock" (Stand-Alone) option.

Then after correcting this, when you start TransMagic, you will be asked to submit youre "Reference Code" on-line and you will be emailted you License Key.  Then, you should be all set to go.