What if I am having install or crashing issues?

Install or Crashing Issues? Try these steps first:

  1. What is your OS (if it is XP, recognize that 10.1 and beyond are not supported. However, some of our customers are still on XP so it can work. Keep in mind that you need to install the XP patch first, which is available on the Downloads page).
  2. Do you have any updates pending? Win 7 is Start > Programs > Windows Update. Win 8 is black screen > type in PC Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates.
  3. Do you have any other copies of TM running on your machine? If so, uninstall them.
  4. How are you launching the product? (Clicking on TM icon when you only have express, for example? That will give you a UI error).
  5. If your file’s almost open, the progress bar makes some progress, then crashes, it is most likely a video driver issue. Try changing to another option, for example go from Settings > Appearance > Rendering Options > OpenGL to DX9. You can also try OpenGL and check the box “Use Software Driver”. Also could try updating to latest driver for your video card.
  6. If you are crashing when trying to write a DWG, it may be that you have wireframe data which is making versions earlier than 10.14 throw up. Update to the latest version of TransMagic or select the wireframe data and delete it from TM, and try again.
  7. On a large or complex file, it is not unusual to see (Not Responding) at the top of the TransMagic interface; as long as there is a progress bar, you can continue to wait to see if the file will open. In some cases the progress bar will finish, and it may appear as though TransMagic has locked up; however, if TranMagic is still using CPU and Memory in Task Manager, it is still working on opening, repairing, or translating the file.
  8. Be aware that you will need both Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (and SP1). MSVC++ 2008 is used for our Sheriff licensing system (and it only uses the 32 bit version, by the way), and MSVC++ 2010 is used for TransMagic itself (32 bit or 64 bit, depending on the OS).
  9. Batch will not translate Inventor ipt and iam files properly unless you check the box for Inventor 2014 files.